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  • I love spring

    In the desert there are allot of odd insects. This is an example of a damsel fly I believe. It just showed up while I was recording some new material. And it been the only bug that has been still enough to photograph. Ya, I like creepy crawlers. Photo doesn’t show the length or size…

  • We are Searchers Music wigit

    Music at Reverbnation of my band and some of my banjo stuff. Take a listen see, will be updating it with another 12 or so songs as soon as i got time. take a listen if you get a chance.

  • Pixies tonight!

    I am so jazzed i get to go see the Pixies tonight. My last big concert was over 4 years ago and i need a dolittle fix. I have read they are playing the whole album in its entirety, in order. Gonna be such a fun show and i haven’t had a night off from the bakery in…

  • banjo tunes on Youtube

    I put three songs up on youtueb which i managed to record through my phones camera. Came out plenty fine.

  • Pandora is radio

    I listen to my pandora stations almost everyday, at work and home. I have included them here if your looking for a new station. I highly suggest M.Ward radio. Hope you enjoy