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  • which should I cab this weekend?

    Madagascar druzy agate, a Royal Sahara, or a super blue pietersite? Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7

  • Cutting Index, fair market grades and unknowning sellers.

    This is my responds to a thread on my favorite forum about offering a quality cutting index for lapidary materials, good idea. hope we can all follow through. i always think an index of cutting/lapidary materials for the general consumer is a great idea, one thing one must factor in no matter the person selling…

  • Sticks and Stones Rockshop

    AZ goldmart/Stickandstones Rockshop New Rocks shop opened in Apache Jct a few months ago. NE corner of Ironwood and Apache Trail. Not right on the corner, but east of Ironwood, just past Elvira’s Mexican food (Best in the whole area if you like mexican food). They have all your rockshop delights, and machines too! Rough,…

  • Hornitas poppy jasper slabs

    I got 5 slabs off the large piece of rough I made booked out if for my mother. It’s quality hornitas with a large white jasper area, gonna make some fine freedoms. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7

  • Rough grinder set up, happy am I!

    Rough grinding is now underway in my shop. Got the space now to mount my sanding unit when it comes back from getting fixed. First preforming is done, was such a fast cut. Yeah, u am very happy to be back on 8inch diamond wheels. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7

  • Whitefir sagenite rough

    While digging in my overtook a couple weeks ago. I ran across this piece of rough. I wasn’t sure it was what it is until I cut a small face to window it. WOW what a nice example. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7

  • Gardentube agate

    Personal piece from Mexico. I real lovely color and interesting inclusions. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7

  • rough grinder is finished

    Today I got my rough stage grinder back in the shop and I am so very thankful its running again. This is just for rough grinding, preforming, and shaping. Wheels are 80grit and 200 grit. It’s am old raytech heavy duty 2speed with an auto preformer, and adjustable speed plank. Just got make room for…

  • Condor Agate ~ Dragon Eyes

    Condor Agate ~ Dragon Eyes

      While first getting into condor agate 9 years ago. I noticed a good amount of the material came in rough form as a seam or vien nodule. And not the typical round geode form. These produced fun cabochons, but after several cutters i tried splitting down the center to get a more collectable pattern.…

  • Diggin in the overstocks during todays rain

    Diggin in the overstocks during todays rain

    ANd here is what i came across…..Horse Canyon super blue moss nodule! A piece of Gabbs Yellow/Black Opal Wood, A piece of Pyrite rock, a small little Morrisonite orb nugget, Rhichardsons Ranch Thunderegg, and a nice piece of Antelope hiding under some bunk.