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  • Back in San Carlos

    Back in San Carlos

    Today is the first morning back in Mexico. Near Guaymas Mexico. Enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio while the temp is 73, pelicans and clam along with the sea. Sparrows are begging for food and my beautiful wife is relaxing playing rummy-cube on her iPad. However, this may be our last trip to […]

  • Email ~ Today I found out…..

    Email ~ Today I found out…..

    That I can use my email to blog. Well; I really knew about this for a long time and just never used it. After spending a considerable amount of unnecessary time configure it. And then only to find out that it’s a WordPress function they are doing away with. And so then having to use […]

  • It’s finally Spring!

    It’s finally Spring!

    This year we experienced more snow and rainfall throughout the winter season then we have seen in over 20 years! We have had some big storms in the past, but it was always a one off storm for the entire season. This year, it was rain and snow, storm after storm! Read this poem by […]

  • Another new year gone by……

    Another new year gone by……

    So the new year has gone by and here we are in the moment of trying to get a new start online and just simple and a bit more seamless with my content and what I want to share with the world. I think it’s always good to start fresh and though I will be […]

  • Sunsets from yesteryears

    Sunsets from yesteryears

    These are older pictures I took of Sunsets, sunrises, and some general cloud or sky shots. Some where taking when I still did film based photography shortly after high school. Most where taking with a smart phone. Sunsets and Sunrise and Sky shots I really enjoy taking pictures of the sky and the color and […]

  • Capistrano ~ A trip to the Mission San Juan

    Capistrano ~ A trip to the Mission San Juan

    This was a long time ago to Capistrano Beach and these photos are from that day at the mission. Enjoy! The mission at San Juan Capistrano We visited Dana point in 2013 after a brief stay in Downtown San Diego at the Sofia Hotel. It was just a brief getaway for 4 nights and neither […]

  • We are searchers ~ The Flatiron Sessions

    We are searchers ~ The Flatiron Sessions

    Recorded in 2011 The we are searchers flatiron session was a personal success with my band I feel and really launched us into preforming live music around Phoenix, Arizona for a couple years. The Flatiron Sessions by We are searchers We are searchers on bandcamp You can listen and download the whole album for free […]