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It has been a journey to say the least

So at the end of last year, I was beginning to have health concerns and was experiencing a lot of anxiety driving for work. My wife and I Lived in a remote area with little support and if something were to go wrong. I worked 12-14 hours and sometimes drove well over 400 miles daily. I was enjoying my job and most of the people I work with, but having to go into people’s homes was also wearing me thin.
My heart was hit badly in the springtime with very high blood pressure. And suffering other issues on the road I got scared. I was ready to just walk away from my job and need a break to address my medical concerns and problems. I took leave from work instead to help cover the need for medical insurance. I am blessed to have a very smart wife that made me not just walk away from my job.
In doing so I began to also look for a transfer to a different position. It took rough 6 weeks of looking while I rested and recovered, and tried a few new meds to help with my heart per the Doctors’ instructions. We found a transfer, interviewed, and got the job. In San Diego! So we plunged into a mode of moving.
We found a furnished place in our building in Little Italy for 2 months while our renter finishes her lease. Moved most of our stuff into a storage unit. And now we are here resetting. In two months we will move our stuff into our place in the same building! My work starts next week which gives us the extra to settle with the dogs into our new lifestyle.
It is very exciting and I feel so blessed right now.