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email blogging is easy

Email ~ Today I found out…..

That I can use my email to blog. Well; I really knew about this for a long time and just never used it. After spending a considerable amount of unnecessary time configure it. And then only to find out that it’s a WordPress function they are doing away with. And so then having to use a different system plugin for it to work.

The plug in I am using is called postie and its a simple plugin to install and configure for sending emails but there where a couple steps to make it work. The main thing is I still have to log into the site and fix my mistakes when I blog. I have to ensure the post doesn’t have third person grammar issues and configure a SEO keyword.

I have been blogging for years and have failed horrorably at it and have lost a lot of content over the years. I am even having to rebuild content on this site which is just over 10 years old.

I have got it to work however. This test email I hope doesn’t end up as a draft and actually posts. Time will tell and lets cross our fingers. Shain~

email blogging is easy