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It’s finally Spring!

This year we experienced more snow and rainfall throughout the winter season then we have seen in over 20 years! We have had some big storms in the past, but it was always a one off storm for the entire season. This year, it was rain and snow, storm after storm! Read this poem by Walt Whitman about spring.

Today is a Thursday and the temperature this weekend will be in the 70’s! That is very exciting for my plants and dahlias that I have already begun preparing for this season. The river outback has been running pretty much non stop since July and drought conditions in the west are very low and in some cases, not an issue at all for the moment. Lakes are above capacity and overflowing and many of the washes and streams that don’t normally have water, are flowing too.

Spring is finally here!

From my window here while I type I can see the river flowing and it is such a nice feeling and site to be able to have daily. I feel very fortunate to be here. The puppies are happy to be able to be outside with the cold and are ready for the summer temps.

This year i started some dahlia seeds I managed to propagate of several plants last year. The type I am trying is called “Willi Willi” and I am very curious to see how they flower and react to my limited skills are growing plants.

What are some of the plants you plan to grow this year and how does your area look compared to all the moisture we got in the west this winter?