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Another new year gone by……

So the new year has gone by and here we are in the moment of trying to get a new start online and just simple and a bit more seamless with my content and what I want to share with the world. I think it’s always good to start fresh and though I will be missing content I created so many years ago, It will be fun making new content even with old ideas. Make sure to bookmark this website

So what I have been up to is a lot of the same; Family, Work, and Life. But what is my plan with my online content now? Can I really just start all new content and reduce the clutter? Or will my plans fall way side and you find me out there occasionally? I think as always time is always on our side and never helping us out in any way whatsoever. But on the plus side, I enjoy trying and hope you will stick around to find out more. Here is my plan……..

I another new plan

I will relaunch this site as my hub, I will use mainly the blog to talk about what is happening and try to focus more on simple content creation. My Bread, music, rocks, work, travel, dogs, & life will be centered around blogging. I hope to be able to create more on the fly and more often. I will offer my gemstones for sale sometimes but I really think that is past me now. However the brand “freeformcabs” will remain.

My music very similar reaction and ideal. Hopefully find a means to put all recorded music up and downloadable for free. My baking will remain a focus and more recipe sharing. Maybe even tips or lessons would be fun. I will definitely try to travel blog more as we visit so many places over the years I feel I need to share more of those adventures. And lastly my everyday going ons, thoughts, and fun times with family and friends.

Don’t go far will remain the domain, and you will be able to find access to my other content under this domain. I will not do any more website work for people or offer access to hosting. And if i have time to talk about that with other people I will try to be helpful with their ideas if I can be. Welcome to the new year and new site.

In the end I will leave you with this nice photo I took off the coast of Greece in 2020. I will look to blog more often so keep an eye out and share with your friends. Visit my instagram page to see more photos I have shared over the years. I have hundreds in there. Shain Mayer Instagram