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Shain over the years

My name is Shain and I have no glorious looks or special poses for you to admire. I will add more pictures to this gallery as I find the pictures. These 4 pics were taken between 2012 and 2014. I played the Banjo for years, I have hiked all over the state, and enjoyed my traveling adventures with my wife immensely.

The first photo is me and my wife was taken at my family cabin. Trying to recreate a photo that was taken years earlier. The second is me taken by Ziggy K at his radio station with the goggles he gave me. Then a picture was taken by Josiah J hiking the goldfields looking for a natural arch. And last another picture was taken by my wife on one of our trips to San Carlos.

More pics of Shain to come

Visit this link to create cartoon photos of yourself or others. It was a lot of fun.

I have dodged and gotten away from a lot of photos over the years and as I get older I find it fun to take a selfie. I have several I really liked surprisingly and enjoy when I can take one of the others. Especially my wife Debbie. Maybe someday we can see I was able to compile all the photos of me in one place. We will see.





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