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Debbie hiding in the Capistrano mission

Capistrano ~ A trip to the Mission

This was a long time ago to Capistrano Beach and these photos are from that day at the mission. Enjoy!

The mission at San Juan Capistrano

We visited Dana point in 2013 after a brief stay in Downtown San Diego at the Sofia Hotel. It was just a brief getaway for 4 nights and neither had ever been in that area except to just drive through. We mainly just rode bikes, visited a couple restaurants and the Mission. It was a fun few days and ended up buying a painting at a french restaurant there we still have hanging in one of the bedrooms at home. The photos above we just a few so I hope you enjoy them.

We did visit Newport beach and went on a whale watching trip where we saw a Megapod of Dolphins which was really cool. And some Blue Whales. Please read more about our trips on my Blog page. Search key words or tags.