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google search for cabochon

So today while reading up on SEO i thought it was due time to check my ranking and placment on google with my site here at What cuaght my attention in SEO is supposedly google will not rank your website that high if you are using their servers like i am here with blogger. When i moved my site over to blogger i checked the rank and i was 5-7 pages back in google when searching for “cabochon”. I was always on the frist page when searching for “Freeform Cabochon”.

SO besides updating my content more readily and not offering everything and the kitchen sink on my site. AS well, not fully pushing an ecommernce platform i think i have become realy pleased and comfrotable with blogger and google in general.

So today i did a quick search for “Cabochon” and guess what. MY sold cabochon gallery is on the first Google page twice! One link goes right to picassa were i store the gallery. But the other link goes right to the blog, and denotes a sold cabochon of blue biggs jasper. This makes me very happy with using blogger and i will continue to update my content and cabochons as often as i can. Thanks for following



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