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tis the season…….

….and chaos is among us. No matter were i look, or what i do, there is that early feeling of the season in which i hounstly dont like as much as summer. Just tonight on my way home from the bakery, i say a car up a head, the driver managed to make a thrid uturn by the time i passed him. WTF? drunkin snowbird season, yes its true, though im sure they are still mostly male like this uturn driver. And as hard as i try, i keep having problems with one guy at the bakery in which Chaos follows, and problely will till the end of the earth. Poor kid trys so hard, and things still bite him in the ass no matter what. He had two court dates this week, and both simply went into continuance because of prosecutor no shows. Or he just bullshitting me and im the dumbass.
The bakery has really picked up and we got some good press a couple weeks ago. The new shift at the bakery is working really well too, i have a better control on everyones hours, the batch order or mix order, and sweets. We have also been able to develop a better procedure for our Ciabatta which has been coming out top notch.
I have fallen behind this past month on the blog, but I am just trying to transition into the season, my new shift and management responsibilities as best as i can.
I am also working on remixing we are Searchers recordings and posting them to my reverb page. So keep a look out for anything music related i post.
Lastly, on anything rock related, please let me know if you want to come out and dig for rocks in my overstocks. Normally $25, Winterbird speical-$15 per 5 gallon bucket, you dig and haul your own. But you must mention the website in order to get the discount.



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