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Good ole internet

Well, besides my crazy gypse neighbors, my lame internet problems have pluaged me here since ive been living here. I am just not savy enough to keep a local hacker off my wifi hotspot i created at one of my neighbors, in order to even access the internet at my home. So i had to cancel the service or possiblity suffer legal issues with the DMCA. I had gotton 2 warnings about downloading movies and had a secure wifi. Thought i let me neighbor use it, they swore they were not downloading pr pirating movies. But i dont have another option for the moment except through my phone. I will continue to post and update my blog as i am able. In the meantime, i may just get one of those internet cards for mobil broadband. But those do have a limit or a FPA policy on them which does limit use. So i will have to try and figure something else out. Stay tuned for more cabs and neat music.