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Rockhounding & Hiking the Willow Creek area

Located roughly off of the Apache Trail 88, 12 miles north of Apache Jct. Willow Creek is a popular hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and general recreational area that can be a qiuk stop, or a full day or more of adventure. The area is generally located by what is known as “Lookout Point”, were there are paved parking access, sidewalks, and a couple patios with seating. The area these photos come from is north of lookout point, following Willow Creek towards the Salt River. These photos only show about 5 miles in the general area. There are lots of rock-hounding in this area. Obsidian and Rhyolite mixtures, Druzy agate, Lace agate, Thundereggs, and gold. Some of the close up photos show a deep red jasper that looks to be orbicular in the Rhyolite walls. Hope you enjoy the pics, let me know if you have questions about the area.

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