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Lake Mead at 54-year low

Im glad to see Azcentral reporting this. It should always be a front running concern here in the SW. Water is and will always be our number one resource in the southwest. The damning of the Colorado has allowed manifest density to truly be taken to its fullest in the America. Yet problems of water conservation are not as important as other problems in the SW. Though we have yet to be out of the drought that started in the early 90’s. We fool ourselves into thinking the water is being refilled each year. But that is obviously not the truth, are we are becoming even more self righteous and not caring about our neighbors and human families of are races.

 Are we over consuming that much if they say each winter we refill the lakes around the state? I bet if you look it up, Mormon Lake is dead dry, and that was a good size lake, nothing like size Mead of Powell, buts it not there anymore. My concern comes from the fact that i will be one of the first cut off when rationing becomes important to the masses. Even though i ration everyday and understand my water spending based on the fact that i have no well, nor direct city water access. I must haul it or have it delivered every week or less. When rationing really takes hold, drop stations like the one i am able to access to buy/fill/load the water will become either shut down, or overly crowded which will lead to more water pollution at the station i feel.   These are just my thoughts and something very personal to how i act in the world.  We need water rights!

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