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Gem Gel Varascite & Pink&Blue Moss/Chrysocolla Silicate Cabs

These pieces both came from rough i got for grading and help sorting, first acquired collection. They had allot of Jade, Holley, Spencer Opal, and Chrysocollas. I spent a few weekends over helping them figure out what they had and were the values were.

The Varascite was in two slabs and was the best looking gel grade material i had ever seen or got to work in person. Its highly transparent like Chrysoprase. The Pink/Blue moss is from a piece that was highly agatized and i would classify as a moss agate. It had allot of fractures, but it was still all agate. Highly transparent as well, this piece shows a nice small druzy vug on center and has real nice balance and contrast. I but these this morning at my folks house.