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Whould i, Should I?

I came across a KAY Tenor banjo on CL yesterday for trade. It needs a new bridge and tail but i have yet to see it in person and really know. I have communicated with the owner and offered my Dreadnought Ibenze and they are interested. MY Dreadnought needs at least one new tuning key(The G), if not a whole set. Easy fix, $20-100 cost depending on if you do it yourself and what type of key, or whole set of keys you buy. The bridge for the banjo and tail piece wont cost much either, but may Requiem a luither to set up properly because of bridge to neck ratios and condition of the head. I recently met a Banjo Luither and showed my Gretsch tenor. He gave me some real good pointers on what to look for and what can be done with tenor banjos. So what do you think? Here my dreadnought;