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Haystack Jasper, and more

The last couple days have been really nice outdoor temps so i found myself out digging in my overstocks. Looking mainly for pieces for my dad, he wants to slab something and i found a nice piece of Horse canyon Moss and Rivera Plume for him today.

But two days ago, i found this piece pictured of what Im pretty sure is Haystack/Jelly Bean jasper.  But if its not, thats ok, it gonna cut a few top notch cabs no dout. What you think?

It has that opalized look to allot of the stone. With the white areas showing more hard agate. It sure is an odd one if i do say so myself. But i have been picking these out of my overstocks for sometime. They are hard to come by and are always small.

These next couple pieces are good ones too, A bright Black on White Paiute agate. The only problem which is typical with allot of paiute is the pitting in the black can get heavy. But what a nice classic contrast.

This is a real nice piece of Graveyard plume. It looks real solid, with some nice plume formation in white, marcasite, and reddish colors. The base agate is almost orange/yellow
Last is a rare piece of White Fir Sagenite. Its the second piece Ive found of this stuff this nice of a vein. Will see once i get around to cutting it.