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Orders Shipping Today, Only one week left for Flat rate $10 deal

I think 25 orders is my limit for weekly shipping, But all orders are going out today; Monday. My policy is monday only shipping to save hassle at the post office. But i really haven’t been a full blown shipper in quite some time. So things might have changed. But we all know too well the USPS.  But they do offer the best rate for the type of shipping i prefer. That leaves only one week left till i remove my Blind pick Flat rate deal for $10. Thats cheaper then what i would offer you to pick the rough yourself and not have to hassle with shipping. Plus, i am the one picking your rough. Though i am still young, i have a well trained eye for cabochon rough. And man do i have a heck allot still! Anyway, i have started more inventory into the store. But will always take requests. If i have it i will list it, if i dont, you most likely will not hear from me. Sign up with google and you can follow and comment on any post/blog here.