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white clouds and blue sky

Weather and the like

It’s a slow Monsoon season here in the desert. With predictions of less rain/cooler afternoons, with hot temps 110-115 on average, and high humidity above 65% which is high for us here.

I enjoy following the NOAA site every day for these massive storms that literally appear in the mountains and ride the upper valleys down like a rollercoaster. Only to go flat when they hit the heat bubble that is the Metro Phoenix area. If Mans influence on weather and climate can be seen, it’s here in Pheonix during the monsoons.

The sunsets and sunrise do really shine like classic paintings during this time of the year, so that’s a plus. But we all want that rain, and I don’t even collect it when I should. Wouldn’t that be nice, even if it rains only about 4weeks total here in any given year? A lot of water still falls from the sky in short periods of time. Here’s to hoping.

More info about Arizona Monsoon

The Arizona monsoon is a seasonal weather pattern that brings much-needed rain to the state during the summer months. The monsoon season typically runs from June to September, and it is responsible for about half of Arizona’s annual rainfall.

The monsoon is caused by a shift in the wind patterns. During the summer, the subtropical ridge of high pressure that sits over the Pacific Ocean weakens, allowing moisture-laden air from the Gulf of Mexico to flow into Arizona. This moist air rises over the mountains, cools, and condenses, forming thunderstorms.

The monsoon can bring heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning. It can also lead to flash flooding, which can be dangerous. However, the monsoon is also a time of great beauty in Arizona. The desert blooms with wildflowers and the trees and plants are lush and green.