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I think its there now….

So, after just a few days of changing the format over to google’s blogger. I think i am pretty much done with the transfer. Maybe not, well of coarse not. Websites are always an ongoing problem/headache. But at least now i can maintain/manage my inventory and customers all in one place and through a very stable platform that shouldn’t have to cost anything since i do the work to generate the content.

I have been totally against using third party checkout managers like paypal and google. But in today’s age of Internet commerce. There is really is not much choice for such a small business as mine is. I got out of it years ago to be honest because of these reasons, as well as others. And though i am back offering items for sale online, now via this blog. I am not out proactively selling them in your face, though i should be.

Now though i feel this outlet can work and will work for my level of contact and interests.   So the goal is now to work on updating the inventory package which will now also be easier to maintain through XML. Once i populate the inventory starting tomorrow, before my contract is up with hosting on godaddy for I will reset my name servers to this blog and begin working on SEO. Please in time let me know your thoughts, comments, or opinions.