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Antelope jasper

Have you ever really seen this material up close? Antelope Jasper has little history but there are those that know about it. This piece came from my overstock collections. The material in general was a real highlight of my stocks and this piece showed some of its best examples in pattern and quality.

Antelope Jasper

Super nice slab of good ole high-grade Antelope Jasper. Often the rough would tend to look and feel gritty and will also display a lot of pitting. But some of the material like this piece had a solid, soft, and cool feeling. And when cut, was just as hard as some of the fine gem jaspers from nearby. Here is a cab of it for sale on my gemstone website.

The history of Antelope Jasper according to Bard

Antelope Jasper is a variety of banded jasper that is found in Oregon. This Jasper is named for its distinctive antelope-like patterns, which are created by the different colors and banding of the stone. Antelope Jasper is a relatively new gemstone, first discovered in the 1970s. However, it has quickly become popular due to its unique beauty and its spiritual significance.

In Native American culture, Jasper is believed to be a powerful stone that can help to connect with the spirit world. It is often used in rituals and ceremonies and is believed to bring good luck, protection, and healing. Antelope Jasper is also said to be a stone of creativity and inspiration, and it is often used by artists and writers.

Today, this game Jasper is a popular gemstone for jewelry and other decorative items. It is also used in metaphysical healing and spiritual practices. Antelope Jasper is a beautiful and powerful stone that can be used to enhance your life in many ways.

Here are some additional facts about Antelope Jasper:

  • It is a type of chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline form of quartz.
  • It is typically found in shades of brown, orange, red, and white.
  • It is often used in cabochons, beads, and other jewelry.
  • It is believed to be a powerful stone for protection, healing, and spiritual connection.
  • It is a relatively new gemstone, first discovered in the 1970s.
  • It is found in Oregon, USA.

This Jasper is a great option if you are looking for a beautiful and powerful gemstone that can enhance your life in many ways.