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A new day

Hello, all that is blogger, I feel very welcome with a new look on managing a website for both content I enjoy sharing, and items I sell from my collections. Right now as I post this. As you can see I have a Google checkout gadget working for the moment.

I want to run a picture upload and find out more about if I should remote host my photos for the catalog, or host them here with Google. If anyone knows from experience, please comment with your insight. It would be so helpful but I know such a long shot just asking for someone to tell me.

So here is a photo for ya;

OK, so I see a general benefit, but not for the catalog, which will have to be remote-hosted.

So, this looks to be my option now really. I will remotely host my catalog images, which will be populated through google checkout. Then I plan to use the blog as a simple content manager and catalog. I think I will keep my profile name as is. Freeformcabs is not a trademark, but many will remember my contribution to the world lapidary community in time.

I am sure I will run into problems but I think this is the best option for a stable platform that I do not have to host myself, nor have to pay for except in the long run when Google takes over the world and makes me pay $100 gallon for water. What do you think bout them apples?