This is little diamond rim in central Arizona.


Welcome to my website! I am Shain and thank you for visiting my site. This will continue to be my main hub and blog for all things I do and share online. Travel, gemstones, Bread, and Music.

My name is Shain and for the last 24 years I have had some type of online website presence. And like all things, they change and get updated, lost, hacked, and redone to many times. The last rendition was in 2018 and here we are now in 2023. My websites adventures started in the late 1990’s when selling rocks and gems online and for a part time rockshop I started in 2004 in Apache Jct. Working as a baker since 2000 as a full time job and had a Band called We are searchers through the years with a dear best friend.

Now I live in Payson, AZ and work as a cable technician installing TV for people. However I still bake bread at home, cut and find gemstones when I can, Travel the world with my beautiful wife, and listen to music on a daily basis. Take a moment and visit my blog. I am redoing it fully and its goes as far as 2012, maybe further if I can retrieve it.

Having built many websites for family, friends, and clients over the years and this new change has done away with that as a freelance web developer. This round I will just focus on my site and my site only. Continuing to still sell gemstones under my freeformcabs brand. But my plan is to really try and put all my eggs in this basket at