Shain in the Goldfields Shain Mayer is an Arizonan.

I am an artist, baker, and musician. This site is dedicated to my workings, life, and the “what not’s” of living.

On this site there is info about Shain Mayer’s other websites he creates and manages. Shain will blog about his life, share his art work, and trips Shain has with his family. I enjoy sharing in my work and hope this site can consolidate that for me and you the reader.  The photos above in the slide viewer are taken by me as one of my first art pursuits, photography; and I still really enjoy taking photos with an artistic eye. The photos below are of me; one on the left is me back in 2009 hiking the Goldfield Mountains in Arizona with a friend. Photo taken by Josiah Jones. The photo on the right is of me taken in San Carlos, Mexico by my lovely wife Debbie Tucker in 2014.

An Arizona boy….

I am a born Arizona boy having grown up half my life in central Arizona on the Mogollon Rim. My family moved down into the Metro Phoenix when I was 12 and we lived in Gilbert, Arizona..

I believe I am a pretty skilled baker of breads, and though I do not pursue music any more with my old band. I still write music and plan on releasing a solo album in the coming years.

Ireland 2017

Thanks for visiting…… more to come.